Looking back on the sound that inspired millions to follow their own path into Rock and Roll — The Everly Brothers!

Perhaps they are Iowa’s best-kept secret. The boys grew up in Shenandoah, Iowa before finishing high school in Tennessee. But their earliest radio years were in Iowa, and their fresh sound was well known in our region. We’ll mine that history and follow their path to stardom.

They toured with Buddy Holly; they met and influenced Graham Nash. Neil Young found their sound irresistible. Simon & Garfunkel would forever follow in their footsteps – including falling out with each other. Clearly, the Beatles are the biggest group they influenced, and it shows in all the Beatles’ early numbers.

Call it country, rock, hillbilly, or some combination of all those, but Phil and Don Everly clearly stamped their influence on the world of music from a very young age. Step back in time to see how these legendary artists came to shape the world of music. Join Russ Gifford as he goes back in time to listen to the Everly Brothers.