Corporate College of Western Iowa Tech offers a variety of courses designed to fit the needs of today's technicians and tradesmen. These courses can be as short as two hours or as long as several hundred hours with one main similarity between all classes, a practical, hands on approach to learning.  Whether you are interested in adding new technical skills to your tool bag or are looking for a fresh start at a rewarding career Western Iowa Tech can help you get there.  

Foundational Series Training

Corporate College has developed a series of short term, affordable hands-on courses.  These courses can range in duration from 4 to 16 hours and offer a detailed focus on individual topics to help the student retain and fully understand the aspects of theory and skills.  Foundational Series courses are scheduled per request or based on interest and enrollment.  Look for more details about our Foundational Series courses within each area of study below or call/email to inquire about the next opportunities!

Customized Training for Your Workforce

Corporate College can meet your needs in a way that works for you. We can build customized training on practically any subject - from basic electrical to industrial transmitters or mechanical drive systems to laser shaft alignment. We can build it for you! Whether it's on one of our campuses, online or instructor led at your location, we will do our best to accommodate the time and place that works for you and your business.  Call or email to learn more!