Embark on a journey of educational possibilities with our comprehensive transfer catalog, meticulously curated to facilitate seamless transitions between academic institutions. Our transfer catalog serves as a valuable resource for students exploring new horizons or considering a change in major. Dive into a wealth of information, including detailed course listings, program requirements, and transfer pathways, all designed to empower you in making informed decisions about your academic journey. Whether you're charting a course towards a specific discipline or navigating undecided waters, our transfer catalog is your compass, offering a roadmap for success as you navigate the exciting terrain of higher education. Explore the many possibilities that await you as you consult our transfer catalog, a dynamic guide tailored to empower your academic aspirations.

Understanding Transfer Credits

All students can take classes at Western Iowa Tech that will transfer to four-year colleges and universities. It is very important every incoming student meet with a Transfer Advisor before registering for classes to set up the best plan for their four-year educational goals.

Our Transfer Guides can assist in making your path clearer, however you should meet every semester with your Transfer Advisor to ensure there have been no changes in the transfer plan.

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General Education Transfers

Students possessing a General Education AA degree are eligible to transfer across various pathways. Kindly reach out to your advisor for a detailed discussion on this option. In some cases, additional courses may be required at your transferring institution if you opt not to follow a pre-planned pathway. Your advisor will guide you through the best course of action.

Exploring Careers

Not sure what you want to do yet? Here are some assessments to help you find a career you'll love.

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Transfer Options

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