Join Egyptologist, Mary Vaught, as she peers into her “vault” of lectures. Mary has shared her passion for all things Egyptian with Lifelong Learners since 2004. To mark her twenty year anniversary, she will revisit some old discoveries and let us know what has changed. Spend an evening exploring the fascinating world of Egyptology in images and words.

How to Make a Mummy
Explore mummification techniques from the classic Egyptian mummy and other mummies from around the world. We will investigate the modern creation of a mummy called Mumab I in 1994 and review the studies published since the project was completed.

Deir el Medina
One of Mary's favorite sites is Deir el Medina. This “worker’s village,” located near Thebes, is home of the people responsible for many of the tomes in the Valley of the Kings. Numerous artifacts and remains paint a wonderful picture of the lives of the non-royal, middle-class people and their daily lives.