Western Iowa Tech Community College has many student success stories. Remarkable and varied, these stories are of recent high school graduates, single parents, displaced workers, veterans, and others who have persevered and graduate from Western Iowa Tech.

It is fitting that with such a diverse student body, we have an equally diverse group of supporters - each with their own distinct backgrounds, motivations, and success stories. Employers who want to build their workforce, parents who want to honor the memory of their child, grandparents who want more opportunities for the next generation, young professionals who got their start at Western Iowa Tech, and many, many, more. Through their charitable giving, they help to provide scholarships and financial assistance for hundreds of students each year so they may further their education, better their lives, and continue to enhance our Siouxland Community.

Should our mission of providing broader educational opportunities and services to students interest you, we invite you to join us in our fundraising efforts through our Foundation.