Welcome to the 2024 Summer/Fall Lifelong Learning catalog!

Continuing our cherished Lifelong Learning traditions, we invite you to explore diverse activities, from culinary adventures in our Culinary Demonstration Lab and the Koated Kernal Popcorn Shoppe to exploring the art of coffee at Coffee King. Our monthly excursions invite curiosity, whether unraveling the mysteries of a surprise trip or immersing ourselves in cultural experiences like the Buffalo Roundup in the Black Hills, a historical tour of Boston, or a day trip to the theatre.

As we navigate life's challenges, our classes empower us to thrive, from financial literacy to healthcare navigation. We also embrace proactive health measures and community engagement.

In our Lifelong Learning Community, we share life's highs and lows, offering support and celebration. From honoring long-serving instructors to marking milestones like 90th birthdays, our community thrives on connection and resilience.

We end this catalog with descriptions of volunteer opportunities from some of our Lifelong Learners. So many of our community organizations would not be as successful or even exist without volunteer support. Volunteering offers opportunities to make new friends, develop new skills and discover new passions.

We hope you'll discover activities that enrich your life and forge connections that last a lifetime.

See you soon!