Embark on a unique journey of discovery with Russ Gifford in a new series, "Don't Know Much About..." – where Lifelong Learning meets the excitement of a road trip for real-time exploration. Inspired by the timeless refrain, we'll delve into various aspects of our region, uncovering essential knowledge we might not be aware of — but should know. Classes will touch upon civics, history, business, local policy, police, government, the legal system, and the intricacies of city governance, business development, and local improvement efforts.

Our inaugural session, "Don't Know Much About... State Government!" challenges the assumption that we're all familiar with the differences in state governments. Living in Siouxland, we experience firsthand the diverse rules governing us, depending on which side of the river we stand. Dig into the fascinating variances between states, exploring the critical question of why these variations exist. Discover the importance of understanding state laws, emphasizing that ignorance of the rules can cost you in missed opportunities – or perhaps, costly fines.

We will investigate the extent of State Government control, the exercise of power, and the rights guaranteed to citizens. Our overall goal is to understand the reciprocal relationship between states and citizens, addressing questions of obligations and entitlements. In our sessions, we'll zoom in on the specific differences among the three states in our region. Bring your most surprising stories to share with the class as we collectively uncover the intricacies that make our region unique. Join us for an enlightening experience that promises both knowledge and entertainment.

The companion road trip details will be announced at a later date.