Armchair Travel: Steamboat Travel in the Late 19th Century

Join Grace Linden to travel back in time as we imagine life along the Missouri River from the deck of steamboats.

Don't Know Much About

Embark on a unique journey of discovery with Russ Gifford in a new series, "Don't Know Much About..." – where Lifelong Learning meets the excitement of a road trip for real-time exploration.

Dr. Robert E. Dunker Leadership Series

The Robert E. Dunker Leadership Lectures examine and discuss examples of leadership displayed in life by prominent people in America, both nationally and locally.

Encounters with Ancient Egypt

Join Egyptologist, Mary Vaught, as she peers into her “vault” of lectures. Mary has shared her passion for all things Egyptian with Lifelong Learners since 2004.

How the Automobile Shaped Sioux City
Myth of the American Cowboy

No, not that type of myth. This session is not looking to expose lies. Myth, in this case, is about heroes, values, and meaning.

Native Americans of the Northwest

The story of the Natives of the American Northwest is unlike all the others on the North American continent.

Rock Around the Clock

Looking back on the sound that inspired millions to follow their own path into Rock and Roll — The Everly Brothers!

Sioux City True Crime: Historic Cold Case Files

Although it may seem like violent crimes and horrific homicides have been more prevalent in recent decades and occur most often in major cities, that’s not always true.

Sioux City's Telephone Companies

Since Alexander Graham Bell received his patent in 1876, few inventions have had quite the impact as the telephone. Sioux City had its fair share of Bell system companies and independent exchanges.

The Private Detective - An American Original

America’s unique contribution to the world – the private detective – also brought us the incredible characters of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin.

You Say You Want a Revolution?

There is a fine art to governing. As we will see in this class, there is a reason many of our institutions work – or do not work – today. Join Russ Gifford for this detailed, but lighter look at the people and personalities that decided how the American system of government came to be.