Academic Programs

Practical Nursing (PN)

Sioux City, Denison, Cherokee and Hybrid Online
You can get free tuition for this program through the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship. To apply for free tuition, start by filling out your FAFSA.

Program Description

This program prepares individuals to assist in providing general nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse, physician or dentist. Includes instruction in taking patient vital signs, applying sterile dressings, patient health education, and assistance with examinations and treatment. Pre-requisite: CNA Certification.


Pamela Ives, ext 1313,
Kelli Flack MSN, ext 1339,
Heather Badar MSN, ext 1288,
Erin Neldeberg MSN, ext 1356,
Brenda Wimmer MSN, Denison,
Amber Keinath MSN, Denison,
Lora Knaack MSN, Cherokee,

Required Classes

SDV 108 The College Experience 1
BIO 168/169 Human Anatomy and Physiology IA w/lab 4
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIO 151 Nutrition 3
PNN 624 Nursing I 9
BIO 173/174 Human Anatomy and Physiology IIA w/lab 4
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology 3
PNN 625 Nursing II 9



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