Mission and Philosophy of
Western Iowa Tech Community College
Nursing Programs


The Nursing Programs’ mission is to provide accessible, quality nursing education and services to enhance health care to the diverse communities served by Western Iowa Tech Community College.


The Philosophy of the Nursing Programs reflects the beliefs of the nursing faculty about current and future nursing practice and nursing education. This philosophy is based on the four domain concepts of nursing: individual, environment, health, and nursing.

We believe

  • Each person is a unique individual who is continually transforming throughout the lifespan. Individuals are complex beings with diverse cultural, spiritual, intellectual, social, physiological, and psychological needs.
  • The environment is constantly changing and has a direct relationship to the health of the individual.
  • Health is a relative state that fluctuates on a continuum of wellness throughout the lifespan.
  • Nursing is a profession that requires intellectual, interpersonal, technical, and critical thinking skills through collaboration and communication. Nursing focuses on meeting the actual and potential needs of the individual and community.
  • Nursing education is a continuous learning process through which the individual progresses from simple to complex, involves the application of evidence-based practice, and embraces a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • The learner has the right and responsibility to be an active participant in the learning process.
  • The PN Program prepares nurse graduates to provide safe nursing care for individuals with predictable needs.
  • The ADN Program prepares nurse graduates to provide safe nursing care for individuals with predictable and variable needs.
  • The nurse graduate is committed to quality improvement, professional development, and professional practice standards.
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