As of January 1, 2024, all TEAS must be completed in-person or PSI test center. TEAS completed remotely will not be accepted or considered for admissions to Western Iowa Tech Nursing Programs.

All students are required to achieve an "Adjusted Individual Total Score" of 66% or greater in order to be accepted into the ADN program OR 59% or greater in order to be admitted into the PN program. All four sections of the ATI TEAS (Reading, Mathematics, English & Language Usage, and Science) must be included in the Adjusted Individual Total Score.

How to prepare to pass the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills

Create an Account with ATI prior to your test date

  • Follow the instructions
  • Take note of your User Name and Password and SAVE both for future reference. You will need both items for the ATI TEAS test and throughout nursing school.

Secure a Credit card or Debit card prior to your test date

  • On the day you test, you must have either a Credit card or Debit card to pay for the ATI TEAS. Cash or checks will not be accepted.
  • Student is responsible for all cost associated with testing.  
  • Debit cards can be purchased at Hy-Vee and Walmart. For a list of locations go to:

Scheduling the Exam

Taking the Test on Campus:
Please Contact the Western Iowa Tech campus testing centers for available testing dates and times:

  • Sioux City Campus | 4647 Stone Ave, Sioux City, IA 712.274.8733 ext 6443
  • Denison Campus | 113 N 35th Street, Denison 51442 712.263.3419
  • Cherokee | 200 Victory Drive, Cherokee, IA 51012 712.225.0238    

Taking the Test at a Testing Center other than Western Iowa Tech:

The Day of the Test at a Western Iowa Tech Campus Testing Center

  • Valid Photo ID, ATI user name and password, credit or debit card required.
  • A calculator is embedded within the test. Personal calculators are not permitted.
  • Plan to arrive no less than 4 ½ hours prior to closing of the testing center to allow time to check in, sign on to ATI and pay for the test. The test is timed and will take approximately 4 1/2 hours to complete.
  • At the end of the test you will print two (2) copies of the score report. Keep one and give the other to the test proctor.

After the Test

  • Scores will be entered in your student record and communicated to the Western Iowa Tech Admissions Department.
  • Interpreting your scores
    • On page 1 of your Individual Performance Profile you will see your Adjusted Individual Total Score expressed as a percent. You will also see separate percentages for each of the four content areas.
    • See page 2 of your report for a list of Topics to Review. Refer to the Table of Contents in the Study Manual for the ATI TEAS to locate and review information in the areas you missed and find direct references of where to go in the Study Guide to remediate.
    • See page 3 of your report for further explanation of scores.
  • When can I re-test?
    • You may re-test after a 30-day remediation period and a maximum of 3 tests in a year. Student is responsible for all cost associated with testing. 
  • How do I prepare to re-test?
    • Refer to your Individual Performance Profile page 2, Topics to Review for guidance on what to review in the Study Manual for the ATI TEAS. 
    • You may also purchase online ATI TEAS practice tests at
    • Comet Learning Center has ATI TEAS remediation resources.
  • Do I have to retake all four sections if I do not meet the required adjusted individual total score?
    • Yes, you must retake all four sections in order to properly generate a new total score.