Date: July 10, 2023
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: WITCC Campus - Sioux City, Iowa

WITCC Mission

As a comprehensive community college, our mission is to provide quality education and to economically enhance the communities we serve.

Board Members

Russell Wray, President | Tricia Sutherland, Vice President | Micah Lang | Bill Anderson | Blanca Martinez | Linnea Fletcher | Jeremy Ogle | Al Aymar | Derrick Franck
Brenda Wright, Board Secretary


Terry Murrell, College President | Juline Albert, VP of Learning |Troy Jasman, VP of Finance and Administrative Services | Darin Moeller, Executive Dean of Instruction | Jackie Plendl, Dean of Human Resources | Tawnya Beermann, Dean of Students | Christina Brandon, Interim Dean of Outreach and Information Technology | Revathi Vongsiprasom, Associate Dean of Inclusion


Sima Dabir, Associate Dean - Arts & Sciences | Teresa McElroy, Associate Dean of Admissions & Advising | Steven Garcia, Director of Outreach and Residence Life | Matt Smith, Network Engineer | LaShawna Moyle, Coordinator of Inclusion Excellence Center | Mark Munger, General Manager of KWIT | Camp Participants: Aaron Amezcua, Raey Kiflay, Mya Burns, Charles Patchin, Daniella Pedroza, and Angel Pedroza 


  1. Call Meeting to Order at 4:01 pm
  2. Roll Call of Directors
  3. Oral Communications
  4. Written Communications
  5. Consent Items
    1. The minutes of the regular Board of Directors meeting held June 12, 2023
    2. The Financial Report for June 2023 will be presented with the July report at the August Board meeting
    3. A list of General Fund bills in addendum JUL-23-1, pages 1-29. Additional bills may be presented at the Board Meeting.
    4. The Personnel Report Regular Appointments in addendum JUL-23-2a, pages 30-32. The Community and Continuing Education instructor list in addendum JUL-23-2b, page 33. Additional Personnel Report may be presented at the meeting.
    5. Application and Certificate for Payment #1 in the amount of $71,458.71 to TR Harris Construction for the WITCC Parking Lot 5 & 6 Paving Project in addendum JUL-23-5, pages 38-40.
    6. Application and Certificate for Payment #2 in the amount of $119,715.01 to TR Harris Construction for the WITCC Parking Lot 5 & 6 Paving Project in addendum JUL-23-5, pages 41-44.
    7. Application and Certificate for Payment #6 in the amount of $588,464.43 to CW Suter for the WITCC Kiser Bldg Chiller and Pump Project in addendum JUL-23-6, pages 45-46.
    8. Motion needed for Consent items Jeremy/Micah
  6. Administrative Reports
    1. Board Member Resignation Letter in addendum JUL 23-7, page 47
      Motion needed Bill/Jeremy
    2. Appoint Board Member in addendum JUL 23-8, page 48
      Motion needed Linnea/Tricia
    3. Appointment of Secretary and Treasurer, Chapter 279.3 Oath of Office, Chapter 277.28, Code of Iowa 2022 and required bond Chapter 291.2
      Motion needed Al Aymar/Blanca
    4. new Missions Statement in addendum JUL 23-9, page 49
      Motion Needed
      Erin Volk and Steve Warnstadt - presented the new mission statement. Current statement for 20 years. Jeremy/Micah
    5. Summer Camps Report in addendum JUL 23-10, page 50
      Christina brought in some on Verizon camp students. 8 years ago. 75 in Denison. 75 in Sioux City.
    6. PTK International Awards Report in addendum JUL 23-11, page 51
      Juline introduced Sima to the board. Sima introduced the students. Each student talked about their experiences with PTK. Sima showed pictures from their trip to the international awards.
    7. Classroom Equipment Purchase in addendum JUL 23-12, page 52
      Motion needed
      Juline presented a request to purchase classroom equipment.
    8. Renewal of Region VII OSHA Training Education Center of MEtropolitan Community College Client Agreement in addendum JUL 23-13, pages53-56
      Motion needed
      Juline introduced Carmen Wilson. Carmen explained the renewal of the OSHA contract.
    9. ICCLI Participation Report and Appointment in addendum JUL 23-14, pages 57-59.
      Motion Needed
      Jackie introduced Teresa McElroy as the ICCLI participatn last year. Teresa thanked the board for allowing her to attend the ICCLI program. She learned a lot. Would like to nominate Mike Meister
    10. LINC Participation Report and Appointment in addedum JUL 23-15, pages 60-62
      Motion Needed
      Jackie introduced Steven Garcia and Matt Smith as the LINK participants this past year. Matt and Steven thanked the board
      LaShawna and Jason Palsma for 23-24 - Jeremy/Linnea
    11. Leadership Siouxland Program Report and Appointment in addendum JUL 23-16, pages63
      Motion needed
      Jackie introduced LaShawna Moyle as the Leadership Siouxland 22-23 participant. LaShawna - thanked the board for the opportunity. She learned about a lot of resources that she did not know about. Dante Frattini and Steven Garcia - for 23-24. Linnea, Micah
    12. KWIT/KOJI Update in addendum JUL 23-17, page 64
      Troy introduced Mark Munger to the board. Mark talked about the fundraising year, did very well overall. Up for a xx award. Been working on a world history project that we had a grant. Mark showed a video of the COVID project that they worked on.
    13. Publication of Annual Report in addendum JUL 23-18, page 65
      Motion Needed
      Troy explained the purpose of the publication of the annual report.
      Sgt. Bluff Advocate. Jeremy/Bill
    14. Audit and Finance Committee Report
      Jeremy - talked about a couple things with the auditors. We also talked about some other spending and travel procedures/policies.
    15. Community Colleges for Iowa Report in addendum JUL 23-19, pages 66-68
      Tricia - talked about the meeting. It was Rick's last meeting and Tricia's first official meeting. Emily presented him with a US flag that had been flown over the capitol in his honor.
      Emily talked about some of the legislative changes.
      A presentation from DEI director. Last Dollar Scholarship - was talked about.
      Emily are encouraging colleges to find innovative ways to contact the legislators.
    16. President's Report
      1. FY23 Budget - final numbers are looking good
      2. FY24 Budget - workin on the 23-34 budget. Every year the budget is more difficult.
      3. Fall Enrollment - down a little bit, but expect it to increase for fall.
      4. WITCC In the News in addendum LUL-23-20, pages 69-72
      5. Other
  7. Unfinished Business
    1. Individual Board Member comments
    2. The Community Colleges for Iowa Annual conference will be held on Kirkwood campus, July 19-20, 2023.
    3. August 1, 2023 - New Logo Launch - Ribbon Cutting - Bookstore - more infor to come
    4. August 14, 2023 - August Board Meeting - Sioux City WITCC Campus - starting at 4:00 pm
    5. Fall 2023 semester starts face-to-face courses on August 23; online classes start August 21, 2023
    6. September 11, 2023 - September Board Meeting - Le Mars Center - starting at 4:00; Commuity Event, 3:00 pm
      For more information about Student Activities on Campus, check out the Campus Calendar here.
  8. Adjournment
    Motion Needed Bill/Al