Non-punitive: The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will not pay for a course in which a non-punitive grade is assigned. The following grades are considered non-punitive:

  • N - assigned for an audit of a course
  • W - assigned for withdrawal from a course
  • If either of these grades will result in a change of your benefit status, an overpayment may be generated. You may contact the VA certifying official for help in determining the affect this would have on your benefits.

Repeating Courses: Western Iowa Tech will allow you to repeat any course for a better grade. The VA will not pay you to repeat a course if you received a grade of "D" or better the first time.

The VA will pay you to repeat a course under the following conditions:

  • You received a grade of "F" for the course. The VA will only pay for the first repeat of the course.
  • You received a grade of "D" for the course, but the department requires a "C" or better for graduation.