VA education benefit eligibility is based on individual service information and is specific to the service-member or veteran. The Veterans Services Coordinator can assist you in determining whether or not you should be eligible for any VA education benefits but final determination of eligibility will come from the VA.

In order to receive your VA education benefits at Western Iowa Tech you must first apply for your benefits through the VA at The Veterans Services Office does not automatically certify anyone for VA education benefits. Failure to notify the Veterans Service Office of your enrollment may delay the payment of your benefits.

Changing Schools

If you have used GI BillĀ® benefits at a different school and are now coming to Western Iowa Tech, the VA requires you to complete a Change of Place of Training form (VA Form 22-1995). You may complete this form online by visiting the VA's website and then launching the Veterans Online Application. You may also complete this form by contacting the Veterans Services Office.

Returning Student

If you were using the benefits last semester at Western Iowa Tech there is no requirement for you to re-apply to the VA for benefits or complete any additional paperwork. You simply need to notify the Veterans Services Office when you have registered for classes.

Maintaining your Eligibility - Satisfactory Academic Progress

To remain eligible to use VA education benefits at Western Iowa Tech you must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. This means maintaining a 2.0 GPA or higher and having a completion rate of 67% or higher. If you fall below these marks you may be certified for one additional semester. If you are below a 2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate for two consecutive terms your VA education benefits will be suspended. If your benefits are suspended, you may appeal for reinstatement by following the procedures outlined on the Financial Aid page at

Determine Your Benefit Amount

To determine how much you would receive from your benefits use the VA Benefits Comparison Tool at and provide the requested information.

Click on the chapters listed below for information on eligibility and applying for benefits, receiving payments, and other important information.