First Semester

Meet with your advisor
Come prepared! You need to be able to tell your advisor what programs you are thinking about and what universities you are considering.
Gather Information
Scholarships, costs, cost of living, admission requirements
Meet with your advisor
Discuss your class progress
Begin exploring transfer universities
Attend college fairs, campus visits, gather information in one place

Second Semester

Meet with your advisor
Discuss your end of the semester success. Do you need to adjust your plans?
Work on your AA requirements and specific transfer requirements
Make sure you are on track to graduate with your AA. Many universities will take your AA as a block and will make completing general requirements easier. Refer to your plant to keep track of specific transfer requirements such as Math, Natural Science, or language courses.

Third Semester

Meet with your advisor
Discuss your progress. Review the requirements of the transfer university and the program you have selected.
Revisit your top choices
Schedule another set of campus visits, you may want to repeat with some of them.
Begin your college application
Keep track of the application deadline. Stay in contact with your advisor to resolve questions and help you review your materials before submitting.
Fill out your FAFSA
Meet with your advisor and financial aid at WITCC to help you with your application.
Research and apply for financial aid and scholarship
Many universities offer financial aid packages. There are a lot of organizations out there that want to help you enroll.

Fourth Semester

Review your acceptance letters and offers
Consider financial aid or scholarship offers. Confirm your attendance!
Apply for graduation at Western Iowa Tech
Meet with your advisor or the registrar to review your progress and make sure you walk out of Western Iowa Tech with your degree.
Take exams if needed
Some universities require specific exams or will accept credit by examination to complete program requirements (and this is usually cheaper then taking a class).