What You Should Know

Complaint Procedures

Persons who feel that they have been a victim of sexual violence under this Definition and wish further information or assistance in filing a complaint, should contact the Human Resources Office/Title IX Coordinator, Dean, or Supervisor. All complaints will be investigated promptly, impartially, and confidentially. Upon completion of the investigation, parties will be notified of the finding in writing.

No student or employee will suffer retaliation for reporting alleged instances of sexual harassment at Western Iowa Tech Community College.

Sexual Abuse/Violence

Western Iowa Tech Community College will not tolerate the sexual abuse/violence of students, faculty, and/or staff at any of its campuses, facilities, and/or activities. It is the policy at Western Iowa Tech to provide education to help prevent, facilitate the reporting of and provide information on counseling concerning sexual abuse.

Bystander Intervention

  1. Recognize there is a problem
  2. Act and address the situation
  3. Call a friend, call Security, or call the police
  4. Exit the party, the room, or area


Information received by the Human Resources Office/Title IX Coordinator in connection with the filing, investigation, and resolution of allegations will be treated as private. The Title IX Coordinator will disclose your information on a limited basis and only as needed to properly and thoroughly conduct an investigation, for the purposes of addressing conduct or practices that are in violation of the policy, or when required to do so by state or federal laws.

Where to Go For Help

Visit our Resources page for a list of places you can go for help and remember you can always reach out to our staff on campus trained for privacy and discretion.

Reporting a Complaint

Who should report? Report if you:

  • Are the victim
  • Witnessed someone being a victim
  • Are aware of information that someone is or might be a victim

If you are a student and report your concern to any College employee, most employees (except counselors) have a responsibility to inform the Title IX Coordinator that an incident has occurred, even if you choose to remain anonymous.

If you are an employee and report to a supervisor, your supervisor is required to report the information to the Title IX Coordinator.

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for investigating complaints of sexual misconduct, for monitoring the response of other campus offices involved in sexual misconduct complaints, and for responding to complaints of retaliation connected to the reporting or filing of a complaint.

In order to take appropriate corrective action, the College must be made aware of misconduct or related retaliation. Therefore, anyone who believes he/ she has experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct or related retaliation should promptly report such behavior to the Human Resources Office/Title IX Coordinator.