1. Does there have to be a complaining party for an investigation to take place?
    No. Once the College knows or reasonably should know of a potential Title IX or WITCC Board Policy No. 506.7 sexual misconduct violation, we have an obligation to investigate and respond.
  2. The victim has chosen not to press criminal charges. Why is a Title IX investigation still be conducted?
    Whether the victim is pursuing criminal charges into an allegation of sexual violence does not relieve the College's duty under Title IX and WITCC Board Policy No. 506.7 sexual misconduct to investigate the matter. Additionally, the standards for criminal investigations are different from those of Title IX; therefore, police investigations are not determinative of whether sexual harassment or violence violates Title IX and cannot be relied upon to satisfy the College's administrative investigation responsibilities.
  3. Why are sexual assaults reported to the Human Resources Office?
    Guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights states that colleges must designate one person to be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the college's Title IX obligations. As a result, the Dean of Human Resources has been designated as WITCC's Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator works closely with departments across the campus to ensure compliance with Title IX and to investigate complaints.
  4. Does stalking or domestic violence need to be reported?
    Yes. Under the provisions of Title IX, the College is required to investigate matters involving gender-based harassment or violence.
  5. If it involves same sex assault or harassment, is Title IX implicated?
    Yes. Title IX prohibits sexual harassment or assault regardless of the sex of the harasser; i.e., even if the harasser and the person being harassed are members of the same sex.
  6. Should I try to gather information before reporting to Human Resources?
    No. Only persons that have had specific training and experience in handling complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence as well as the College's investigative procedures should engage in any fact-finding related to Title IX or Policy No. 506.7 investigations.
  7. Once I report it, do I have any other obligations?
    No. After you forward a report to the Human Resources Office and confirm receipt, you have met all your obligations under Title IX and Policy No. 506.7.