Entry-Level Firefighter | Cert
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Entry-Level Firefighter training is specifically designed to equip individuals with the essential skills sought by entry-level firefighters. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key areas crucial for success in the firefighting profession. Upon successful completion of the certificate program, students become eligible to test for certification with the Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau at the levels of Firefighter One and Firefighter Two.

The curriculum is structured to ensure that firefighter candidates attain competence in all objectives outlined in NFPA Standard 1001, which establishes the requirements for professional qualifications for firefighters. Additionally, the program covers NFPA 472 HazMat Operations Level, providing candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills related to hazardous materials operations.

The certifications obtained through this program, including Firefighter One, Firefighter Two, and NFPA 472 HazMat Operations Level, are valuable credentials that align with industry standards. Furthermore, when combined with an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification, this certificate meets many departmental hiring minimums for entry-level positions within the firefighting profession. Graduates of this program are well-prepared to embark on a career in firefighting, equipped with the expertise needed to contribute to the safety and well-being of their communities.

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Required Classes for Entry-Level Firefighter | Cert

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Estimated Program Costs

In-state tuition and fees: $2,222.00 *
Out-of-state tuition and fees: $2,288.00 *
Educational fees: $97.00/semester
Estimated books: $200.00/semester **
Estimated transportation and personal expense: $2,273.00/semester
Estimated student housing and meals: $3,275.00/semester

* This is an approximate cost based on tuition and fees set by the Board of Directors before each school year. Course level fees may also apply. Additional charges for licensure or credential testing may be a part of your program.
** The cost of books varies per program.