Medical Scribe - Advanced Standing | Cert
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The Medical Scribe - Advanced Standing certificate will allow students with a previous degree in Nursing, Paramedic, or Medical Assisting to gain additional knowledge to serve as a medical scribe. As a medical scribe you are trained in medical documentation and assist a medical provider throughout their day. You will serve as a personal assistant to the provider to help make them more efficient and productive.

The primary function of a medical scribe is the creation and maintenance of the patient’s medical record. You will document the patient’s history, the provider’s interaction with the patient, the procedures performed, the results of laboratory tests, and other important information. Using a scribe allows the provider to focus entirely on the patient. As a scribe you can also function as patient chaperones during physical examinations. This protects the provider from litigation.

Scribes can easily retrieve or research needed information from the patient’s medical record saving the provider time in searching for needed information. You can also participate in patient education, retrieving needed supplies/equipment during the visit. Using scribes can also save time by completing the medical record entry while the provider is in the room and not having to wait for dictation to be completed.

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Required Classes for Medical Scribe - Advanced Standing | Cert

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Carmen Monk BS, CMA, AAMA
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Estimated Program Costs

In-state tuition and fees: $2,080.00 *
Out-of-state tuition and fees: $2,140.00 *
Educational fees: $97.00/semester
Estimated books: $600.00/semester **
Estimated transportation and personal expense: $2,273.00/semester
Estimated student housing and meals: $3,400.00/semester

* This is an approximate cost based on tuition and fees set by the Board of Directors before each school year. Course level fees may also apply. Additional charges for licensure or credential testing may be a part of your program.
** The cost of books varies per program.