Video and Media Production Assistant | Dipl
Sioux City
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The Video and Media Production Assistant diploma program is designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to work in various production positions on a film or video crew. Participants will gain proficiency in operating video and sound equipment, lighting techniques, and basic software applications relevant to video and media production. The curriculum is structured to provide hands-on training, allowing students to develop a practical understanding of the tools and techniques used in the industry.

Graduates of this program are well-prepared to contribute to film or video production teams, bringing their expertise in equipment operation, lighting, and software applications to the dynamic field of video and media production.

Meet Your Advisor

Jennifer Conley
Career Navigator
Call  712.317.3471
Sioux City Campus, Admissions
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Required Classes for Video and Media Production Assistant | Dipl

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Meet Your Faculty and Staff

Chris Mansfield
Instructional Program Coordinator
Call  712.317.3298
Sioux City Campus, Room B210
Michael Jones
Audio, Video, Broadcasting Instructor
Call  712.317.3211
Sioux City Campus. Room B208

Estimated Program Costs

In-state tuition and fees: $6,240.00 *
Out-of-state tuition and fees: $6,420.00 *
Educational fees: $97.00/semester
Estimated books: $600.00/semester **
Estimated transportation and personal expense: $2,273.00/semester
Estimated student housing and meals: $3,400.00/semester

* This is an approximate cost based on tuition and fees set by the Board of Directors before each school year. Course level fees may also apply. Additional charges for licensure or credential testing may be a part of your program.
** The cost of books varies per program.