Marketplace Design | Dipl
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Sioux City
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This program is designed to enhance students' visual language skills while fostering an understanding of the intricate connection between research, creative processes, and impactful outcomes. The curriculum emphasizes the influence of branding, marketing, and design communications on success in the marketplace. Students will gain basic knowledge of the tools and software essential for creating compelling visual content.

Whether aspiring designers or individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of visual communication, participants in this program will develop the skills necessary to navigate and contribute to the dynamic and influential world of branding, marketing, and design.

Meet Your Advisor

Jennifer Conley
Career Navigator
Call  712.317.3471
Sioux City Campus, Admissions
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Required Classes for Marketplace Design | Dipl

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Meet Your Faculty and Staff

Lana Brown
Graphic Design Instructor
Call  712.317.3427
Sioux City Campus, Room A31L
Lynne Wilcke
Graphic Design Instructor
Call  712.274.6465
Sioux City Campus, Room A142

Estimated Program Costs

In-state tuition and fees: $6,864.00 *
Out-of-state tuition and fees: $7,062.00 *
Educational fees: $97.00/semester
Estimated books: $600.00/semester **
Estimated transportation and personal expense: $2,273.00/semester
Estimated student housing and meals: $3,400.00/semester

* This is an approximate cost based on tuition and fees set by the Board of Directors before each school year. Course level fees may also apply. Additional charges for licensure or credential testing may be a part of your program.
** The cost of books varies per program.