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Estimated Tuition & Fees
$ 12,864
Based on Iowa residency, subject to change; does not include course level fees or books and supplies

Video Game Design

Associate of Applied Science Degree
Online Only

Program Description

Offered Completely Online

This program provides an understanding of the full video game development artistic pipeline. Students refine technical skills and artistic knowledge for creating game ready assets (acceptable polygon count and topology, UV layout, and physical-based shading) and learn how to import those assets into a game engine and develop a functioning video game with game ready lighting and shadows. The program also prepares students for completing a production ready portfolio and taking an art test. 



Frank Heffner, PhD, Ext. 1426, TSI, frank.heffner@witcc.edu

Required Classes

SDV 108 The College Experience 1
CIS 124 3D Modeling & Topology 3
CIS 221 Scripting Basics 3
CIS 369 Video Game Portfolio Preparation 2
CIS 383 Digital Composition and Graphics Pipeline I 2
CIS 386 Game Design 3
CIS 389 Level Design I 3
CIS 384 Digital Composition and Graphics Pipeline II 2
CIS 395 Game Engines 3
CIS 404 Environmental Modeling 3
CIS 405 Video Game Portfolio Polish 1
ART 370 Traditional & New Media 2-D Design 3
ART 371 Traditional & New Media 3-D Design 3
ART 373 Digital Color, Lightening & Rendering 2
CIS 305 Video Game Art Test Preparation 3
CIS 391 Animation for Games 2
CIS 408 Advanced 3D Gaming Art 3
CIS 414 Environmental Art and World Building 3
CIS 415 Video Game Portfolio Refinement 2
COM 723 Workplace Communications 3
CIS 396 Game Development Team 3
CIS 397 Physics for Game Design 4
CIS 398 Gaming Final Submission 2
CIS 399 Video Game Portfolio 2
MAT 772 Applied Math 3
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology 3



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