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Estimated Tuition & Fees
$ 12,288
Based on Iowa residency, subject to change; does not include course level fees or books and supplies

Technical Studies

Associate of Applied Science Degree
Sioux City Campus

Program Description

This program is designed to meet the specific educational needs of students, businesses, and industry. The Technical Studies Associate of Applied Science degree is a customized program drawing from existing course offerings that must contain at least 45 technical credits. The degree will allow students to combine skills and knowledge from different disciplines, enabling the graduate to meet a specific job opportunity. Students will develop an approved Plan of Study in cooperation with their academic advisors. The Plan of Study must include a rationale, sequenced courses, and sufficient evidence of academic rigor to warrant the confirmation of the Associate of Applied Science degree. The Plan of Study must be approved by the respective department chair(s) and dean(s). The amount of time required to complete this degree will vary.


Greg Strong, BS, BA, Division Chair Ext. 1480 Room A111 greg.strong@witcc.edu
Michael Rohlena, MFA, Division Chair Ext. 3217 Room A146 michael.rohlena@witcc.edu

Required Classes

SDV 108 The College Experience 1
XXX XXX Technical Elective 12
ENG 105 Composition I 3
XXX XXX Technical Elective 12
MAT 772 Applied Math 3
XXX XXX Technical Elective 12
SPC 122 Interpersonal Communication 3
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology 3
XXX XXX Technical Elective 6
BCA 206 Applied Computer Concepts 3
XXX XXX Internship/Work Experience OR 6
XXX XXX Technical Elective AND 3
XXX XXX Elective 3

Technical Electives may include coursework from the following prefixes: ACC, ADM, ADN, AGB, AGC, AGH, AGM, AGP, AGS, AGT, AGV, ATR, AUT, BCA, BIR, BPT, BUS, CAD, CIN, CIS, CON, CRJ, CRR, CSC, DEA, DRF, ECE, ECN, EGT, ELE, ELT, EMS, FIN, FIR, GRA, HCM, HCR, HIT, HSC, IND, MAP, MFG, MGT, NET, PHR, PHT, PNN, PRL, PTA, SUR, WEL 

Electives may include coursework from the technical electives or from the following prefixes: ANT, ART, BIO, CHM, CLS, COM, DRA, ECN, EDU, ENG, ENV, FLS. GEO, HIS, HUM, LIT, MAT, MMS, MUA, MUS, PEA, PEC, PET, PHI, PHS, PHY, POL, PSY, REL, SDV, SOC, SPC with course number of at least 100 or higher. 


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