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Estimated Tuition & Fees
$ 2,805
Based on Iowa residency, subject to change; does not include course level fees or books and supplies

Qualified Welding

Sioux City Campus

Program Description

This advanced standing certificate program is designed to advance a welder’s skill by training them in the GTAW (TIG) and FACW (Flux Core) welding processes and increasing their skill in out of position SMAW (stick). Students will also learn advanced blueprint reading. Competencies are based on skills needed for custom production, industrial services and steel construction industries.


Rodney Tyo Ext. 2391 Rodney.Tyo@witcc.edu
Diane Hargens, Ext 4219 Room B107 Diane.Hargens@witcc.edu
Sioux City
Karl Stodden, Ext 1317 Karl.Stodden@witcc.edu
Kevin Woockman, Ext 1806 Kevin.Woockman@witcc.edu
Diane Hargens, Ext 4219 Room B107 Diane.Hargens@witcc.edu

Required Classes

WEL 208 Introduction to Fabrication 2
WEL 164 Arc Welding II (SMAW) 4
WEL 112 Welding Blueprint Reading/ Advanced 2
WEL 191 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3
WEL 421 Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) 4


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4647 Stone Avenue
Sioux City, Iowa 51106
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