At Western Iowa Tech Community College (WIT), we believe the college recruitment process should be a positive and personalized experience for all prospective learners, free from high pressure or deceptive tactics. We strive to serve as a valuable resource and support for the communities we serve. Ethical practices are of utmost priority, as we interact with and respond to the needs of our learners throughout their journey with Western Iowa Tech. WIT is committed to promoting fairness and transparency in all aspects of the recruitment and enrollment process. Western Iowa Tech provides direct oversight for these processes, and the College leadership team ensures that this code of conduct is communicated, and upheld.

Western Iowa Tech marketing, recruiting, admissions, and financial aid staff, along with our third-party affiliates engaged in the provision of related services, are committed to ensuring the following:

  • All team members are aware of, and are to adhere to ethical guidelines established by national and tri-state professional organizations for marketing, recruitment, admissions and financial aid practice.
  • All team members serving in these areas have the appropriate level of education, job titles, skills, and ongoing professional development to ensure a high-quality experience for every learner.
  • All team members serving in these areas are to be transparent and accurately describe the nature of their role in working with prospective and current learners.
  • All recruiting practices are to be in accordance with any regulations or other requirements governing recruitment activity, are fair and impartial, and do not involve any high-pressure tactics.
  • All learners, both prospective and enrolled, are greeted with professionalism and respect, and receive personalized, responsive, and ethical service during their journey with us.
  • All learners are provided access to accurate, up-to-date information to facilitate informed enrollment and financial-aid decisions.
  • All consumer information, and consumer protection practices information is accessible and transparent for prospective and enrolled learners. Western Iowa Tech provides all learners the opportunity to opt out of texting, and emails to their personal email accounts. Additionally, WIT will remove contact information for all lists. All data collected on a student is maintained within our ERP system. Specific user access to the system is based on security roles and documented through an access request approved by Executive Council members.
  • All student applications for admission and/or financial aid, and changes or corrections to such information, are initiated directly by the student through their student portal account or by authorized staff, with appropriate security roles, at the direct request of the student.
  • Western Iowa Tech will comply with expectations set by the Higher Learning Commission, related to the publication of student achievement data.
  • All students have the right and responsibility to initiate registrations for each academic term in which they are eligible to enroll. Western Iowa Tech will not automatically register any student in the next term without that student’s affirmative consent to such registration, or informing student of the opportunity to cancel course enrollments before the student is obligated to pay for tuition or fees for that term
  • All learners are granted sufficient access and time to review enrollment policies and procedures, and are provided with accurate information regarding the amount of federal, state and institutional financial aid a student may be eligible to receive.
  • Information is made available regarding Western Iowa Tech's established refund policy, and the College ensures that students receive a refund where appropriate, provided they withdraw from an academic term or from the College in accordance with the established refund deadline. This policy is available for review, and is communicated to each student at the institution, is located in the online student portal and College website.