Nursing Programs
End of Program Student Learning Outcomes

Associate Degree Nursing Completion Program

Upon completion of the Associate Degree Nursing Completion Program, and within the RN scope of practice, the graduate will:

Safe Practice

Demonstrate safe nursing care for clients with predictable and variable needs.

Clinical Decision Making

Integrate clinical judgment and evidence-based practice in the delivery of nursing care for all clients.

Communication and Collaboration

Collaborate within nursing and interprofessional teams.

Client-Centered Care

Practice client-centered care with sensitivity to the values and cultural diversity of all clients.


Model professional nursing standards and behaviors.

Accepted by faculty 1/13/89  
Revised 1/26/90  
Revised 6/25/93  
Revised 10/20/98  
Accepted by faculty 12/4/98; 12/10/99; 1/26/01  
Revised and Accepted 3/14/03  
Reviewed and Accepted 4/7/06  
Revised and Accepted 12/7/12  
Revised and Accepted 2/10/17  
Revised and Accepted 5/3/19  
Revised and Accepted 4/29/22  
Revised and Accepted 2/24/23