Athletics Logos

These are the official marks of Western Iowa Tech Community College Athletics.

Do not alter or distort these marks in any way.

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Primary Logo

The primary mark for Western Iowa Tech athletics is the Comets wordmark that includes the words Western Iowa Tech. The primary logo should be used to ensure brand recognition in low-awareness markets. Whenever possible, our primary logo should appear in full color.

Primary Comets logo
Primary Comets logo on navy

Secondary Logo

The stand-alone Comets logo may be used in high awareness markets. Whenever possible, our secondary logo should appear in full color.

Comets secondary on white
Comets secondary on navy

Comet Icon

The Comet icon provides Western Iowa Tech with flexibility for selected use.

Isolated comet on white
Isolated comet on navy

Single Color Logos

Single-color logos are available when limited by production. Our brand colors - navy and lime - are preferred.

Comets single color - navy
Comets single color - lime

Team Logos

Comets Basketball
Comets Cheer
Comets Soccer
Comets Volleyball
Comets Esports

Clear Space

The clear space around our logo must be no smaller than the white portion of the "e" in "comets." Do not place text or any graphic element within the clear-space area.

The gray background outside the white border of the logo represents any color on which your logo may appear.

Comets Clear Space example


Navy and lime are our signature colors.

RGB 0 46 109
HEX 002E6D
CMYK 100 86 29 23
PMS 294 C
RGB 167 193 64
HEX A7C140
CMYK 39 8 96 0
PMS 2300 C
RGB 224 224 224
CMYK 0 0 0 10