Western Iowa Tech offers a fantastic English language training program. Our instructors are specially trained to teach English as a Second Language, and to prepare international students for their college programs. They understand the need to balance rigorous instruction with a comfortable and enjoyable environment for students to improve their English. Our academic team is not only committed to teach, but also to learn different cultures. They value diversity and enjoy international cultural experiences as well. If you are looking for instructors who are excellent teachers as well as caring advisors, you will find them here at Western Iowa Tech.

Unlike many schools, a TOEFL score is not required for admission to Western Iowa Tech. You can take a placement test upon arrival to determine your English proficiency. Depending on your test results, you may or may not be required to take English language classes before taking regular college courses.

Perhaps you wish to come specifically for English language training? You can do that too!

See what program opportunities Western Iowa Tech has for you.