Economic Development services at Western Iowa Tech exist to work with your company to secure state funding to grow your business. If you have questions about company eligibility for these funding resources or would like more information about these programs, please contact Western Iowa Tech's Economic Development services staff today! We're here to help your business get going!

Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training (260E)

What is 260E?
This grant is to encourage the creation of new jobs and increase the company's productivity and profitability through the training of employees.

How does funding work?
This program is funded through bond sales by Iowa's community colleges and repaid through the new employees' payroll withholding tax. By participating in the Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E) through Western Iowa Tech Community College, the business then diverts 1.5 or 3% of the Iowa state withholding taxes generated by the new positions to the community college to retire the bonds.

What are the benefits of this grant to my company?

  • Build an effective training plan with your community college.
  • Your new employees will get real-world application-focused training.
  • Training is available essentially at no cost since the bonds are retired with dollars otherwise paid to the state as withholding taxes. 

Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F)

What is 260F?
This program is funded by the Iowa Workforce Development through Application for Assistance by businesses through local community colleges. Provides funding to support job training services to current/existing employees of eligible businesses located in Iowa.

How does funding work?
The forgivable loan award will be forgiven if the business completes the training project within the period agreed to by the company and the college.

What are the benefits of this grant to my company?
Enhance the skills of existing employees in Iowa
Maximize the productivity of the current workforce
Loan awards of under $5,000, the business is not required to fund any portion of the training program.

Accelerated Career Education (260G)

What is 260G?
This program is also called the Accelerated Career Education Program (ACE). Designed to support community colleges to create new programs or expand existing programs (credit or noncredit).

What are the benefits of this grant to my company?
By participating in 260G, a portion of the company's tax withholdings is diverted to fund training in creating a highly skilled pipeline of workers for future potential hires.
Companies are provided access to recruit highly qualified individuals.

Is there a fee for this?
This program is without an administrative fee, unlike 260E and 260F.