Foundational Series Mechanical Training

Maintenance Hand and Power Tools - 8 hours
This is an all-encompassing course on the safety and use of hand and power tools used in the industrial maintenance field. This course covers standard vs. metric, basic hand tools such as ratchets, sockets, wrenches and other drivers, piping tools, files, pry bars, punches and chisels. It will also cover taps, dies, and other threading tools, chop saws, reciprocating saws, bench and hand grinders, band saws, drills vs. hammer drills.

Fasteners - 8 hours
This course covers everything nuts and bolts related, from self-tapping screws and heavy-duty bolts to roll pins and rivets. This course offers training on pitch sizes, tensile strengths, fastener grades and fastener identifications. Hands-on training includes fastener identification and bolt torque/limitations labs.

Bearings - 8 hours
This course covers industrial bearings types, bearing codes, housed vs. non-housed bearings, load types and bearing limitations, bearing options such as seals and shields, slip vs. interference fit. Hands-on training includes pressing and pulling tools and techniques.

Shaft-Alignment - 8 hours
This course covers fundamentals of shaft alignment. It also covers how to properly align drive systems; whether direct, belt, or chain driven. Multiple techniques are used for alignment, from rough alignments, to the use of dial indicators and lasers.

Precision Measurements - 8 hours
This course covers training on the use of measurement tools including basic tape measures and the steel rule, to dial and digital calipers. Hands-on training includes labs using a variety of tools.

Industrial Gearboxes - 8 hours
This course includes training on the theory, operation, maintenance and repair of gearboxes with different gearbox styles, gear types, and mounting principles. Hands-on training includes everything from upkeep to rebuilding gearboxes and gearbox disassembly and assembly.

Customized Mechanical Training

We build customized mechanical and relatable trainings tailored to the needs of your maintenance team and work schedules. Training can be provided at one of our many campuses or onsite at your location. We provide a focused hands-on experience with industrial quality mechanical training and plant specific systems and devices when possible. Customize your maintenance training to make a smooth transition from training to work.

Examples of customized mechanical training include, but are not limited to basic drives systems, chain system principles, mechanical systems troubleshooting, preventative maintenance training and bearing replacement and upkeep.