Human Resources (Diploma)
Sioux City, Cherokee, Denison
This diploma program is appropriate for both newcomers to the human resource field and those with some experience who wish to expand their knowledge base. Graduates of this program are encouraged to enroll in the Human Resources Management program which leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree.

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SDV 108   The College Experience   1
CSC 110   Introduction to Computers   3
MGT 170   Human Resource Management   3
MGT 178   Employment Law   3
MGT 200   Managing Diversity   3
PSY 102   Human and Work Relations   3
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MGT 177   Staffing   3
MGT 174   Training and Employee Development   3
BCA 221   Integrated Computer Business Applications   3
BUS 930   Career Readiness   1
BUS 124   Business Innovation   3
ADM 154   Business Communication*   3

   Program Total   32

* Denotes courses commonly articulated with area high schools.

Rosanne Lienhard, JD Ext. 1393 Room A146