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VA Certifying Official
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Federal Tuition Assistance

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) is a federally funded program that pays schools directly for the cost of tuition for Soldiers. FTA pays 100% of your tuition cost up to $250 per credit hour and up to $4,500 per fiscal year (1 October - 30 September). Fees are authorized for payment as long as they are directly related to the course(s). Soldiers must provide details of fees on the uploaded statement of tuition cost (see application process below). FTA cannot be used for books.

FTA can be used towards one degree or certificate completion at WITCC. Soldiers are limited to 16 credit hours per fiscal year and 130 total credit hours towards an undergraduate degree.
For more information about FTA please visit the Iowa National Guard's website at

If you are an actively drilling member of the Army National Guard or US Army Reserves and have served at least 12 months after the graduation from your initial entry training (IET - Basic Training and AIT) you may be eligible to apply for and receive Federal Tuition Assistance.

Applying for Benefits
The deadline to apply for FTA is the start date of the course(s). You must apply for FTA each semester because the application is specific to the courses for which you are registered.

  • Apply for Federal Tuition Assistance
    • Create profile
    • Upload four documents (click here for examples)
      • Statement of Understanding (signed by you and commander) (12 months)
      • Degree Plan/Degree Audit (From Academic Advisor)
      • Class Schedule (From Web Info System)
      • Cost Verification/Detailed Bill (From Student Accounts)
    • Complete/Submit application
    • Receive two emails
      • Application received
      • Application approved
    • Print approved authorization(s) (to find out how click here)
  • Provide copies of approved authorizations to the Veterans Services Coordinator
    a. POC for questions: Michael Robinson 515-252-4422,

Receiving Payments
FTA is applied to your WITCC account after you provide the approved authorization(s) to the Veterans Services Office. The Veterans Services Office will log your authorizations and provide copies to Student Accounts. Student Accounts will credit your WITCC account for the amount of the authorization(s). WITCC invoices GoArmyEd on a monthly basis and physically receives the money for your tuition and fees.

Visit for more information.

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