Computerized Placement Test (CPT) Remote Testing at WITCC
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Computerized Placement Test (CPT) Remote Testing

If you cannot make it to WITCC to take your CPT, you can arrange to have it taken in your hometown. In order to do this, you must:
  1. A complete application is required to Western Iowa Tech Community College before you may test. This can be done at
  2. Arrange to have it supervised by an appropriate proctor. This person must meet the following criteria and agree to serve your examination. Most officials are willing to supervise examinations without a charge as a service to students in their area. Any examination fee, however, is your responsibility.
    • Administrators of accredited post secondary degree-granting institutions
    • School superintendents or elementary or secondary school principals or guidance counselors in an educational setting
    • Directors of public, school or college libraries
    • For military personnel, an education officer or commanding officer
    • Directors of educational services at correctional facilities
    • The independent study office of any member institution of the University Continuing Education Association
    • For those outside the US, a proctor whose position is equivalent to one of those listed above or an administrative official of a US Embassy or Consulate
  3. Fill out the form below. WITCC will then contact your proctor to verify information.
  4. You will need to schedule a time to test with your proctor.
  5. Allow at least one week between the time you find your proctor and submit the form until you schedule the test for all the paperwork to be complete and your proctor verified.
  6. You can only retake the CPT every two weeks.
ALL information is required.

Student Information

(include area code):

Proctor Information

(include area code):
(don't abbreviate):
(don't abbreviate):
(include area code):
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