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Computerized Placement Test (CPT)

  1. What is the purpose of the test?
    The purpose of the Computerized Placement Test (ACCUPLACER) is to determine current skill levels in Reading, Sentence Skills and Mathematics. Scores for these tests are intended for use in placement decisions. Since the CPTs provide information about your skill accomplishment, it is important that you take your time and do your best. Specific minimum scores are needed for the following programs:
    • Allied Health (Nursing, Dental Assisting, Surgical Technology, Physical Therapy Assistant)
    • Police Science and Disaster Emergency Management
    • Childcare
    • Business Occupations
  2. Do I have to come to the college to take the CPT?
    No. If you prefer to take the CPT in your hometown, that can be done. You will need to have your test supervised by an appropriate proctor. For more information on how to take your CPT in a remote location, click here.
  3. What happens after I test?
    After testing, an advisor in the Admissions area will visit with you to discuss your scores and to make class or other study recommendations. They can also assist you with registering for classes.
  4. What will the test be like?
    Unless there are special circumstances, you will take four multiple choice tests. The Reading Comprehension test measures your understanding of what you read. The Sentence Skills test measures your understanding of how sentences are put together and what makes a sentence complete. You will also take the Elementary Algebra test and either the Arithmetic test or the College Level Math test.
  5. How can I prepare to do my best?
    • The following sample pre-tests are highly recommended: Reading, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic and Algebra. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these sample tests.
    • Visit a library or Barnes & Noble for GED preparation books - books and other media.
    • Use the free test preparation information available on the web.
  6. What else do I need to know about testing?
    • There is no time limit on the test. Take your time to think carefully. Allow approximately two hours for your testing.
    • No books, calculators, dictionaries or aids of any kind may be used.
    • Bring or know your Social Security Number on the day of the test.
    • Bring a photo ID such as a driver's license.
    • A complete application is required to Western Iowa Tech Community College before you may test.
    • You can only retake the CPT every two weeks.
    • Students may take the paper/pencil version (COMPANION) once a month. There will be two versions of the test available to rotate.

**** If you would like assistance preparing for the test, please contact the Testing Center or Admissions/Registration for CPT test preparation packets. Testing accommodations can be made upon request and with appropriate documentation. Please contact the Disabilities Coordinator for further information.

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