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Student Laptop Rollout FAQs

Western Iowa Tech has a technology initiative to provide credit students incurring standard tuition and course fees with an Apple MacBook. This MacBook will be theirs to use while they are taking credit classes on campus.

When did this begin?
This program started in the Fall of 2015. Each semester has dates set when you can pick up your laptop before the semester begins so you have time to get it set the way you want before classes start.
Who will own the MacBook?
The college will own the MacBook. If you have any questions or issues with it, take it to the IT Help Desk.
Are the open labs going away?
Oh heck no. There will still be computer access in the open labs, but we will be adding "print kiosks" around campus so you will have easier access to a printer. We also added monitors in the open lab for you to plug your MacBook into for convenience.
When do students need to turn the laptop in?
At the end of each semester, if you have not yet registered for the following semester, you will need to turn the MacBook in. If you register before the end of the semester, you can hold onto it for the next semester. Example: at the end of spring semester if you are registered for summer, you can hold onto the MacBook through the summer.
What if I break it or lose it?
If your MacBook stops working through normal and reasonable use, bring the laptop to our IT Help Desk and we will work to get it fixed. We will either swap it out for a new one if it can't be fixed or provide you with a loaner while we fix the one you have. If lost or broken due to misuse, you will be responsible for the purchase price.
What software will come loaded on my MacBook?
If your program requires specific software to be loaded on the computer for school use, we will take care of that for you. Otherwise you have access to Office365 free while you are a student and you can load that whenever you need to, otherwise the MacBook comes with the standard OS.
Does it come with a case?
Yes. We do provide a clear shell on each computer, which we ask you to leave in place. This will help protect the MacBook from scratches, scuffs and other day-to-day wear and tear.
Where can I get accessories?
The Comet Bookstore will have some MacBook accessories available for purchase. You can also order them online or shop any of the stores in town carrying Apple accessories. The accessories are always yours.
What if I get a virus or my software doesn't run right?
If at any time you can't get your MacBook to do what it should, please bring it to the IT Help Desk, or call us, and we can assist you.
Can I do whatever I want with the MacBook?
Remember the MacBook is still college property. For that reason, WITCC's Computer Conduct Policy is still in place for anything you do with the computer no matter where you are, the same as it would be if it were in our open lab on a desktop computer.
What can I do for extra storage space?
We highly recommend you take advantage of your OneDrive cloud storage for backing up your files and extra storage space. This protects you in the event your laptop quits working or needs replaced for some reason; your important files are always safe. OneDrive cloud storage is free to you as a student and accessible from anywhere you go with Internet access. And you won't have to worry about losing your FlashDrive again!
I heard I could get Windows loaded on my MacBook.
If your program requires Windows, it can be loaded at the helpdesk
Can I decorate or personalize my MacBook?
We enjoy seeing your personality, but not on college property. Anything you might put on the laptop may result in charges when you return it.
I've never used a Mac before. How do I know what to do?
The Apple OS is different from Windows, for sure. Even looking at the keyboard can cause eyebrows to go up. But we aren't just handing this to you and leaving you to figure it out on your own. Apple has many basic operating tutorial videos, which we will provide you links to, and every faculty member has been provided with their own MacBook as well. We will also provide assistance in the form of tutorials and workshops which students will have the opportunity to attend.
Do I HAVE to use the MacBook?
No, we aren't going to force you to use it. We provide this technology to you as a way to help you with your education at WITCC, but it is not mandatory. If you change your mind, however, let us know and we can provide you with one at that time.
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