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Project Siouxland

Projects are the Class, and Siouxland is the Classroom

Project Siouxland LogoLearning in today's modern, fast-paced world shouldn't just occur inside a classroom or a lecture hall. Learning should be active and immediately put into practice so students can start creating, changing, and impacting their community. That's what Project Siouxland is all about.

Morningside College and Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC) have partnered together for Project Siouxland to create a robust learning experience where students help solve problems facing the Siouxland businesses.

Based on Real-World Experience

Each semester, community businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits present projects to students. These projects are short-term or long-term non-mission critical problems for which the businesses lack the resources to solve. Students form teams and select a project, which becomes the basis of their Project Siouxland experience. Together with faculty from Morningside and WITCC, the students drive their learning by working on the project - from ideas to execution.

Driven by Student Ingenuity

Although students earn regular academic credit for their participation, what they learn goes far beyond the traditional classroom. They gain relevant skills and experience that future employers will love, while working on a project that makes a positive change in their community. Project Siouxland is an active learning environment that allows students to leave the world a little better while having an educational experience they will never forget.

Responsive to Community Needs

Project Siouxland relies on community partners to provide real industry and/or community problems for students to solve. The benefits of participating are endless:

  • Address business needs with minimal resources.
  • Help ensure students entering the workforce are equipped with required skillsets.
  • Foster the next set of leaders in the Siouxland community.
  • Gain additional promotion through Project Siouxland marketing materials.

Morningside College and Western Iowa Tech Community College are proud to partner with non-profit, public, and community-based organizations throughout Siouxland. Stay tuned for a list of some of our partners. If you or your organization is interested in partnering with Project Siouxland, please contact Liz Sheka, Director of Project Siouxland at shekae@morningside.edu or elizabeth.sheka@witcc.edu.

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