Academic Programs at WITCC
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Academic Programs


Accounting  (D)     Accounting Emphasis  (AA)     Accounting Specialist  (AAS)     Cost Accounting  (C)     Payroll Clerk  (C)     Tax Preparer  (C)    

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant - Medical  (AAS)     Administrative Office Management  (AAS)     Administrative Office Support  (D)     Bookkeeping and Office Support  (D)     Legal Office Aide  (C)     Office Assistant  (C)     Paralegal / Legal Assistant  (AAS)    


Agribusiness Technology  (AAS)     Agriculture  (D)     Agriculture Management  (AAS)     Agriculture Transfer Emphasis  (AA)    

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration

Air Conditioning  (C)     Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration  (D)     Heating  (C)    

Art & Design

Art & Design Emphasis  (AA)     Digital Marketing  (AAS)     Graphic Design  (AAS)     Marketplace Design  (D)     Professional Photography  (AAS)     Professional Photography Technician  (D)     Web Design  (AAS)    

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine - Athletic Training Emphasis  (AS)     Sports Medicine - General Studies Emphasis  (AS)    

Audio, Video & Film

Audio Engineering Technician  (AAS)     Audio Production Assistant  (D)    

Automotive Technology & Repair

Auto Body Procedures  (C)     Auto Body Refinishing  (D)     Auto Body Repair  (C)     Auto Body Structural Repair  (D)     Auto Collision Repair Technology  (AAS)     Auto Mechanic  (D)     Automotive Drive Train  (C)     Automotive Electrical  (C)     Automotive Painting  (C)     Automotive Technology  (AAS)    

Band Instrument Repair

Band Instrument Repair  (AAS)    


Biology Emphasis  (AS)    


Business Administration Emphasis  (AA)     Business Management  (AAS)     Entrepreneurship  (D)     Entrepreneurship Concepts  (C)     Financial Services  (AAS)     Human Resource Management  (AAS)     Human Resources  (D)     Human Resources Technician  (C)     Technical Business Management  (AAS)     Technical Studies  (AAS)    


Chemistry Emphasis  (AS)    

Computer Systems & Security

A+ Preparation  (C)     Cyber Security & Digital Crime  (AAS)     Information Systems Emphasis  (AA)     Networking Administration & Security  (AAS)    


Carpentry  (C)     Concrete Specialties  (C)     Construction  (D)     Drywall  (C)     Interior Finishing  (C)     Wall Framing and Roofing  (C)    

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts  (AAS)     Food Preparation  (C)     Prep Cook  (D)    

Dental Assistant

Dental Assisting  (D)     Expanded Functions Dental Assistant  (C)     Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation Monitoring - Dental Assistant  (C)     Pre-Dental Hygiene Emphasis  (AS)    


Child Development - Infant/Toddler  (C)     Child Development - Preschool  (C)     Coaching  (C)     Early Childhood Education  (AAS)     Early Childhood Emphasis  (AA)     Early Childhood Studies  (D)     Education Emphasis  (AA)     History Emphasis  (AA)     Paraeducator Preparation  (C)    


Electrician  (D)    

Emergency Services

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician  (C)     Emergency Medical Responder  (C)     EMS - Paramedic  (AAS)     EMS - Paramedic Diploma  (D)     EMT - Emergency Medical Technician  (C)     Entry-Level Firefighter  (C)     Fire Science  (D)     Fire Science Technology  (AAS)    

Engineering, Manufacturing & Drafting

Electrical Maintenance Technician  (C)     Electromechanical Technician  (D)     Industrial Drafting Technology  (D)     Manufacturing  (D)     Mechanical Engineering Technology  (AAS)     Mechanical Maintenance Technician  (C)     Robotics & Automation  (AAS)    


English Emphasis  (AA)    

Game Design

Digital Character Animation  (C)     Video Game Design Artistic Track  (AAS)     Video Game Design Audio Production  (C)     Video Game Design Dynamic & Visual Effects  (C)     Video Game Design Technical Track  (AAS)    

Hospitality Services

Hospitality Management  (AAS)     Hospitality Operation Concepts  (C)     Hospitality Operations  (D)    


Mathematics (Transfer)  (AS)    

Medical Administrative Services

Health Information Technology  (C)     Medical Assistant  (D)     Medical Coding Specialist  (D)     Medical Secretary  (D)     Medical Transcriptionist  (D)    

Motorcycle & Powersports

Motorcycle Mechanic  (D)     Motorcycle/Powersports Technology  (AAS)     Small Engine Mechanic  (C)    


Music Emphasis  (AA)    


Home Care Aide  (C)     IV Therapy Concepts & Review  (C)     Medication Aide  (C)     Nursing  (AAS)     Nursing Assistant  (C)     Practical Nursing - LPN  (D)     Supervision & Management in Health Care  (C)    

Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer  (C)     Certified Personal Trainer  (D)    


Pharmacy Technician  (C)     Pharmacy Technician  (D)    

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)  (AAS)    

Police Science

Police Science - Corrections  (AAS)     Police Science - Forensic Investigations  (AAS)     Police Science Technology  (AAS)    

Political Science

Political Science Emphasis  (AA)    


Addictions Counseling Emphasis  (AA)     Psychology (Transfer)  (AA)    


Social Work Cooperative Program - BCU (Transfer)  (AA)     Social Work Cooperative Program - USD (Transfer)  (AA)     Sociology (Transfer)  (AA)    

Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology  (AAS)     Surgical Technology  (D)    

Veterinary Services

Veterinary Assistant  (D)    


Advanced Production Welding  (C)     Industrial Welding  (D)     Production Welding  (C)     Qualified Welding  (C)     Structural Welding  (D)    

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Technician  (AAS)     Wind Site Assessment Specialist  (C)     Wind Turbine Maintenance Specialist  (D)    
Western Iowa Tech Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status or any other protected basis as defined in Iowa or federal law as amended from time to time in its educational programs, activities, admission procedures or employment practices. Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against may file a complaint through the College's Grievance or Complaint Procedures. Complaint or Grievance Forms and Procedures may be obtained from the WITCC Human Resources Department, Dr. Robert H. Kiser Building, Room A242, (712) 274-6400, Ext. 1220.
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