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General Studies Emphasis

Associate of Arts Degree
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The General Studies curriculum offers students an Associate of Arts degree with a large measure of flexibility to meet their individual needs and interests. The student, with assistance from a faculty advisor, plans both the general education goals to be achieved and the elective course work needed.

Program planning allows the choice of professional education courses generally recognized as transferable. Students intending to use the General Studies program as a basis for baccalaureate study and transfer should make certain that their course selections meet the requirements of the college to which they plan to transfer.

Required Classes

College Success
   SDV 108 The College Experience (required) 1
   (Take in 1st semester of enrollment)
English and Speech (9 credits required)
Take each of these courses:
   ENG 105 English Composition I 3
   ENG 106 English Composition II 3
   SPC 112 Public Speaking 3
Mathematics/Laboratory Science (8 credits required)
Must include one math course and one laboratory science course from the following:
   MAT 111 Math for Liberal Arts 4
   MAT 117 Math for Elementary Teachers 3
   MAT 121 College Algebra 4
   Or approved higher level course.
   See advisor for course selection.
Laboratory Science
   BIO 105 Introductory Biology 4
   BIO 125 Plant Biology 4
   BIO 163 Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology 4
   CHM 122 Intro to General Chemistry 4
   ENV 111 Environmental Science 4
   PHS 120 Exploring Physical Science 4
   PHS 151 Introduction to Astronomy 4
   Or approved higher level course in these subjects.
   See advisor for course selection.
Diversity (3 credits required)
   CLS 212 or SOC 2012 Diversity 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credits required)
   Take one course from Social and Political Sciences:
Social and Political Sciences
   ECN 120 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
   ECN 130 Principles of Microeconomics 3
   POL 111 American Government 3
   POL 112 State and Local Government 3
   PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology 3
   PSY 121 Developmental Psychology 3
   SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 3
   SOC 120 Marriage and Family 3
   *Other accepted courses include: POL 121, 125, 151, 201.
   See advisor for course selection.
Take one additional course from Social and Political Sciences above or from History and Diverse Cultures:
History and Diverse Cultures
   ANT 105 Cultural Anthropology 3
   GEO 121 World Regional Geography 3
   HIS 110 Western Civ: Ancient to Early Modern 3
   HIS 111 Western Civ: Early Modern to Present 3
   HIS 151 US History to 1877 3
   HIS 152 US History since 1877 3
   *Other accepted courses include: HIS 211, LIT 150, SOC 200,210.
   See advisor for course selection.
Humanities (9 credits required)
Take three courses from at least two subject areas:
   ART 101 Art Appreciation 3
   ART 203 Art History 3
   DRA 101 Introduction to Theatre 3
   DRA 112 American Film 3
   ENG 221 Creative Writing 3
   FLF 141 Foreign Language - French 4
   FLG 141 Foreign Language - German 4
   FLS 141 Foreign Language -Spanish 4
   HUM 101 Introduction to Humanities 3
   LIT 101 Introduction to Literature 3
   MMS 101 Mass Media 3
   MUS 100 Music Appreciation 3
   PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
   PHI 105 Introduction to Ethics 3
   REL 101 Survey of World Religions 3
   SPC 122 Interpersonal Communications 3
   *Other accepted courses include: ART 204, FL(F,G,S) 142,231,232 HUM 220, LIT 124, 133, 185,189, MUS 202, PHI 111, REL 150.
   See advisor for course selection.
   Distributed Requirement (6 credits required)
Take 2 additional courses from any of these areas:
   Communication, Mathematics, Laboratory Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Humanities
See your advisor to select appropriate elective courses to complete 64 total credit hours to complete the degree. Developmental courses (courses numbered less than 100) do not apply toward the degree. Up to 16 Career and Technical Credit hours may be used toward the degree. See your advisor for further information.
Total Credit Hours Required 64
Required Transfer Level Credits Earned at WITCC 15
Minimum Cumulative WITCC G.P.A. Required 2.00
Computer Literacy/Technology – Suggested Elective
Computer literacy is critical to your success as a college student. It is strongly recommended that you consider your competency in computer applications.
Some major programs at transfer institutions may require a computer applications course. Consult with your advisor regarding this suggested course.
   CSC 110 Introduction to Computers 3

This is a general transfer degree. Students should consult with their intended transfer institution to make appropriate course selections in each of the required areas as well as in elective credits to complete the degree. Some transfer institutions may require specific courses in each of the requirement areas based on the student’s intended major. Always consult with academic advisors prior to registration as they will have suggested program of studies consistent with the student’s intended major.


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Kendra Bergenske BS, MA, Director Ext. 3212 Room L323
Sima Dabir BS, MED, Director Ext. 1419 Room L317
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