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Estimated Tuition & Fees
$ 12,012
Based on Iowa residency, subject to change; does not include course level fees or books and supplies

Business Administration Emphasis

Associate of Arts Degree

Online Plan of Study

The Business Administration Associate of Arts degree is offered completely online

Courses are concentrated in four class "terms" each runs up to 16 weeks in length. Start at the beginning of any term (spring, summer or fall).

An optional orientation session for online learning will be held to assist students in this program get started quickly. Face-to-face or online tutoring and counseling is offered every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

Financial aid and special student scholarships are available.

Credits earned at other institutions, credits for work experience, or credits previously earned at Western Iowa Tech, may apply toward this degree. Credits earned through this program are transferable to a baccalaureate program.

For more information or to register for this degree program, call or email Belia Padilla Irby at or 712.274.8733 or 800.352.4649 ext. 1807.

Term One Class Title Format Credit Hrs
ENG 105 Composition I 1st 8-wk 3
BIO 105 Introductory Biology 1st 8-wk 4
ENG 106 Composition II 2nd 8-wk 3
ART 101 Art Appreciation 2nd 8-wk 3
CLS 212 Diversity 16-wk 3
SDV 108 College Experience 16-wk 1
Term Total     17
Term Two Class Title Format Credit Hrs
SPC 112 Public Speaking 1st 8-wk 3
MAT 111 Math for Liberal Arts 16-wk 4
PHI 105 Ethics 1st 8-wk 3
PSY 111 Intro to Psychology 2nd 8-wk 3
CSC 110 Intro to Computers 2nd 8-wk 3
Term Total     16
Term Three Class Title Format Credit Hrs  
ACC 131 Principles of Accounting I 16-wk 4
BUS 102 Intro to Business 1st 8-wk 3
SOC 110 Intro to Sociology 1st 8-wk 3
MUS 100 Music Appreciation 2nd 8-wk 3
MGT 101 Principles of Management 2nd 8-wk 3
Term Total     16
Term Four Class Title Format Credit Hrs
ACC 132 Principles of Accounting II 16-wk 4
ECN 120 Principles of Macroeconomics 1st 8-wk 3
BUS 185 Business Law I 1st 8-wk 4
MAT 156 Statistics 2nd 8-wk 3
ECN 130 Principles of Microeconomics 2nd 8-wk 3
Term Total     17
Total Credits     66


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