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$ 12,288
Based on Iowa residency, subject to change; does not include course level fees or books and supplies

Culinary Arts

Associate of Applied Science Degree

About the Program

Knife Skills Class - chopping carrots and celeryThe Culinary Arts program at WITCC is for anyone with a passion for food, creative expression and diligence.

Our curriculum introduces students to unique ingredients in state-of-the-art facilities through smell, touch and taste, while honing the skills critical for conceptualizing and creating innovative dishes.

The recipe for success in this program includes putting knowledge to practice in areas including Nutrition, Knife Skills, Sanitation and Safety, Cooking Methods and much more. Specialized course work in Art Appreciation, Ethnic World Cuisine, Front of House, Cost Control alongside other subjects provides a foundation to prepare graduates for a career in the many branches of culinary arts.

Possible career paths include head chef, personal chef, catering chef, corporate chef and restaurant owner. Graduates can expect to start their careers making $10 to $16 an hour at entry-level positions, or approximately $28,000 as a salaried employee. Compensation varies depending on individual skill level, job title and location. Find more information on Employment and Wage Estimates here.

The two-year Culinary Arts program provides students with many opportunities to visit successful restaurants and food facilities, as well as work with industry professionals to gain insight on how to effectively apply for and land the job of their dreams. Students completing their degree will also participate in an internship to match individual skill and aptitude with a well-suited establishment. The invaluable experience of translating classroom knowledge to real-world practice will prepare students for life outside of the demonstration kitchen.

If you are dedicated to your craft and determined to put your love of culinary arts to action, apply now. Let's get going toward a challenging and rewarding career.


Chef Brett McCarthy has over ten years experience in fine dining, corporate dining and as a private chef. In addition, he has experience teaching and overseeing successful culinary programs since 1998.

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