Wind Energy Technician Program Description
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Wind Energy Technician

Associate of Applied Science Degree
Program Description
Cherokee Campus
The number of wind turbines in Iowa and in the United States continues to increase, as does the need for skilled workers who are able to install, maintain, service, and operate them. The Wind Energy Technician program encompasses the skill sets needed as a technician and/or operator, depending on the career path students choose. A number of certificate and diploma options will be available, allowing students to customize their interests and training accordingly.

Wind is the fastest growing energy source in the United States. In 2007, wind energy production increased by 21 percent, and a recent report by the U.S. Department of Energy suggests that it could contribute 20 percent of the nations electricity by 2030. Although BLS does not collect data specifically on wind energy employment, the American Solar Energy Society estimates that in 2006 there were f16,000 jobs in wind turbine construction and maintenance.

Required Classes

Search For Available Classes - First Semester
SDV 108   The College Experience   1
WTT 103   Introduction to Wind Energy   3
MAT 772   Applied Math   3
WTT 139   Wind Turbine Maintenance Fundamentals   3
ELE 112   Basic Electrical Theory   3
CSC 110   Introduction to Computers OR
BCA 206   Applied Computer Concepts   3
ELE 224   Electric Code Safety and Grounding Fundamentals   1
Search For Available Classes - Second Semester
COM 723   Workplace Communications   3
EGT 142   Fluid Power I   2
WTT 149   Wind Tech Safety Standards and Procedures   3
MFG 520   Predictive Maintenance   2
ELT 154   Industrial Electronics   3
WTT 131   Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems   2
Search For Available Classes - Third Semester
WTT 201   Wind Turbine Site Construction and Location   1
WTT 932   Wind Turbine Internship   4
Search For Available Classes - Fourth Semester
PSY 102   Human & Work Relations   3
ELT 250   Programmable Logic Controllers   3
BPT 114   Instrumentation I   2
ELE 192   Principles of Motors/Transformers   3
WTT 151   Wind Turbine System Operations   4
Search For Available Classes - Fifth Semester
WTT 147   Gauging and Measurement   2
WTT 153   Wind Turbine Systems Troubleshooting   4
EMS 114   Emergency Medical Responder   2
WTT 214   Basic Networking & Computer Technology   3
PEA 148   Physical Fitness I   2

   Program Total   65

Chad Plante, Wind Coordinator Ext. 1326, Cherokee Campus,
Greg Strong, BS, BA, Division Chair Ext. 1480 Room A111
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