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Getting a new camera can be exhilarating. There are more shooting options to choose from over a basic point and shoot camera. It can be more intimidating as well. Even newer compact cameras offer the same kind of menu selections as the larger DSLR’s. This class will focus on settings for DSLR cameras and those compact cameras that have similar settings as DSLR’s.

This class will help camera owners learn how to confidently work with their camera’s various settings. Students will learn to shoot in manual mode where you select the aperture, shutter speed, or shooting in A or Av or S or Tv, and the camera picks an appropriate opposite setting.

This three-week course will look into learning how to use the various camera settings and what menu options are available. It will teach you how to use manual camera settings and when to use auto settings. It will also look into various menu settings concerning file size, color space, auto focus selection, white balance settings, and other items.

The class will talk about various lens options including prime lenses, fixed zoom lenses, and variable lenses. We will discuss the benefits and limitations of each.

Students will participate in in-class exercises to become familiar and comfortable with using their camera. So cameras will need to be available during the class sessions.

Lastly, because shooting with a digital camera can produce hundreds or thousands of photographs, there will be a discussion about digital workflow and preserving one’s images.

Instructor Jerry Mennenga worked for daily newspaper publications for over 25 years in Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, California, and Iowa. He has covered a various photographic assignments at these publications and continues to shoot for clients and also makes photographs simply for the fun and joy of it. He creates images for a blog he writes, www.

TUESDAYS, APRIL 14, 21, 28; 6 TO 8 P.M.Location: Dr. Robert H. Kiser Building, ACE, Room A113, Entrance 1
Fee: $45 / Max: 12 / Max: 5
Lifelong Learning membership required
Course #20/FY-CPDV-2889-01

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