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Fall is when most of Siouxland’s many local theatres begin their season. Let’s kick the new theatrical year off right with a preview of what the local groups have planned for the next months.

We’ll discuss the shows on the schedule and what you can expect to see. There will be some old favorites that you might be familiar with along with some new ones, even regional and world premieres. Who’s going to bring back a classic musical? Who’s re-mounting a favorite comedy? Who’s staging a Broadway success that’s never been in the area? Who will find a fresh way to do a classic drama? What quirky off-Broadway show will beguile local audiences?

To add to this, we’ll also talk a little about the history of various live theatres. We’ll discuss the audiences each theatre aims at, their mission statements, where they see their group headed. You may be tempted to visit a theatre you’ve never been in and have a new appreciation for an old favorite.

We’ll talk about Sioux City Community Theatre, Lamb Art Regional Theatre, Shot in the Dark Productions, and New Stage Players of South Sioux City. We may venture out of the immediate area to look at LeMars Community Theatre, Akron Community Theatre, and more. We’ll even mention some that are no longer active and recall some that produced one show.

Take a peek behind the curtain with Bill McKenny, local actor who has appeared on many local stages. Get a glimpse of what’s in store for you and fellow theatre patrons in the months ahead. 

Location: Advanced Sciences Bldg., Room L416/417, Entrance 11, Parking Lot 3
Fee: No charge / Max: 100
Lifelong Learning membership not required
Course #19/FY-CPDV-2798-01 


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