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Storytelling with Photographs 

Photography is a medium for people to capture a moment in time. Mostly these moments are snapshots. Many people create dynamic and interesting photographs of landscapes, places and people. The images are nicely crafted and have impact but may not always tell a story. Photojournalists and documentary photographers spend time making images that tell stories. 

In this five-week course, students will concentrate on creating storytelling images and learning about traditional journalistic styles involving photo stories and attempt to apply these techniques to exercises/assignments for class. 

Students will look at various journalists’ photographic work and storytelling techniques and should come prepared for the class with topics of interest or ideas they want to pursue during the class session and produce new images for the class. 

TUESDAYS, SEPTEMBER 17, 24, OCTOBER 1, 8, 15; 6 TO 8 P.M. 

Location: Dr. Robert H. Kiser Building, ACE, Room A113, Entrance 1 
Fee: $50 / Max: 10 / Min: 5
Lifelong Learning membership required 

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