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Are you tired of shoveling snow, mowing grass, pulling weeds, hauling out the trash, or not seeing someone for days except on the television? There is a better way to live in Siouxland, to have fun, and enjoy life. This series will help you identify when the time is right to consider a different living environment, how to mentally prepare, how to identify what it is you want and need, and how to take steps to prepare for an active, eventful future. 


Location: Advanced Sciences Building, Room L110, Entrance 14, Parking Lot 4 
Fee: No charge / Max: 25 / Min: 6
Lifelong Learning membership required 
Course #20/FY-CPDV-3005-01 

Session One: Senior Living Options

In this session, we will explore some of the different living options available in Siouxland such as independent options with no in-house services, assisted living options, and the options in-between. There will be presentations about owner-equity facilities, fee-based living facilities, and a basic overview of financial considerations. 
Wednesday, September 25 

Session Two: Getting Mentally Prepared 

Four years ago, fellow Lifelong Learner Jim Anderson and his wife left the house they had made a home for 35 years. Jim grew up on this farm, and it was there they raised their five children, maintained an attractive landscape with many trees, and had numerous gardens. Jim will recount their experience and that of several others to help us walk through the process of how they started this new chapter in their life. 
Wednesday, October 2 

Session Three: Simplifying Our Lives 

Together we will take a closer look at the details of moving. “Where do I even start?” is a typical first question. This session will identify the steps that will help you create a stress-free process for your move. Speaker Cathy Frost will share her personal experience of moving to senior living three years ago. She will also speak about specific tools and techniques to support you through the entire process from the initial decisions to the actual move-in day. 
Wednesday, October 9



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