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Sioux City’s Corn Palaces 

The Sioux City Public Museum’s Archival Records Clerk, Haley Aguirre, will describe the late 19th century autumn harvest festivals celebrated in the City every year. The highlight of these festivals was the construction and use of a large building in the downtown area called a Corn Palace which was covered with unique decorations in corn and other grains. Besides having the distinction of construction, the “World’s First Corn Palace,” Sioux City’s Corn Palaces hosted well-known entertainers of the time and even the sitting president of the United States. September 24, 2019 marks the 131st anniversary of the opening of the 1888 Corn Palace in Sioux City. 

Although these festivals were short-lived, they are still remembered because of the excellent print and photographic collections at the Museum. The presentation will showcase both exterior views and rarely seen interior images of the various palaces as well as highlight some of the events and people behind the festivals. 

Adequate time will be given for discussion, memories and questions about the interesting subject. 


Location: Wells Fargo Room, L110, Entrance 14, Parking Lot 4 
Fee: No charge / Max: 40
Lifelong Learning membership not required 
Course #20/FY-CPDV-2218-02

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