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Shooting photos on location with instructor Jerry Mennenga.

Sometimes when a person is out photographing, there are too many choices. At other times, it seems there are not enough.

This class is all about taking photographs on location. Its purpose is to help a student “see” the possibilities of what to photograph and how to react in the moment. Students are expected to have a basic understanding of their camera for this class and able to make exposures in the manual and aperture priority modes.

Information for learning and understanding technical details of operating a camera is offered in the Making Better Photographs class.

Rain or shine — or snow — four sessions of this class will be held outdoors so students can take photographs in natural settings. You’ll discover that it isn’t always the most pretty or perfect subjects that make the best photographs. Often, inspiration can be found in things that are unusual or imperfectly formed.

In the first session, Jerry will go over some basics of composition, lighting, and general thoughts about photography. He will also outline the time and location plans for the next four sessions. This will be an opportunity for Jerry to gather emails and phone numbers of students so they can stay connected once the class starts meeting on location.

Jerry will be present at each site to offer advice and guidance while students are photographing images that capture their attention. In the last session, students will deliver their chosen images of the four location shoots on a thumb drive for viewing by the entire class for discussion and appreciation. Classroom sessions will take place in the Advanced Sciences Building in Room L212 (Lot 4, entrance #13).

This class will meet six times on Saturdays. Class sessions are scheduled from 10 A.M. to noon.

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSRL) cameras or compact cameras are necessary for this course. Students are responsible for supplying their own camera gear.

The location settings will take us out of Sioux City. Students are responsible for their own transportation. There will be walking involved, so wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.

Jerry Mennenga has worked for various newspapers as a photojournalist for over 25 years. He has photographed in a variety of settings and situations and knows the value and pressure of producing images on deadline for publication. And in doing this, learning to see beyond the obvious or using the obvious to make an interesting photograph of what lies before you. He still creates images for a blog he writes,

SATURDAYS, APRIL 21, 28, MAY 5, 12, 19, 26

Location: Location Varies
Fee: $60 / Max: 15 / Min: 4
Lifelong Learning membership required
Course #18/FY-CPDV-2732-02

APRIL 21, 10 A.M. TO NOON: Classroom session. WITCC, Advanced Sciences Bldg., L212. We will discuss composition, lighting and future location shoots.

APRIL 28, NOON TO 2 P.M.: Meet in the downtown area of Rock Rapids (north on Hwy 60, then north on Hwy 75 until you enter Rock Rapids). Meet at Island Park off N. Story Street (Hwy 75 to Rte 9 – 1st Ave. – go left, then right onto N. Story St. to the park) to explore city murals and the local park.

MAY 5, 10 A.M. TO NOON: Meet in downtown Correctionville near the Correctionville Museum. We will spend an hour exploring there and downtown then head over to the Little Sioux Park outside of town.

MAY 12, NOON TO 2 P.M.: Meet at the Historical Village and Iowa Welcome Center in Missouri Valley, 2931 Monroe Ave., just outside of Missouri Valley east on Hwy 30.

MAY 19, NOON TO 2 P.M.: Meet in the downtown area at the steps facing the parade route from the Sioux County courthouse in Orange City for the annual Tulip Festival.

MAY 26, 10 A.M. TO NOON: Classroom session. WITCC, Advanced Sciences Bldg., L212. We will meet to view students’ photographs shot at the various locations. 


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