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A Closer Look at the Mound Culture Era in Iowa 

In northeast Iowa in the high bluffs along the Mississippi River, we find mounds shaped like bears, birds, and some reptiles. These are the Effigy Mounds, and they resemble a living creature. Who built them and why? 

While ceremonial mounds can be found across the United States, only Iowa can claim the massive number of effigy mounds. There are 31 effigy mounds among the 200 known mounds preserved in the northeast corner of the state today. In this session, we will explore what is known about the Woodland Culture inhabiting this region of Iowa from 300 A.D. to 1200 A.D. How do they differ from the mound culture that flourished all along the Great River Road that follows the Mississippi River? What do these people share with the Hopewell culture of Ohio? What do we know of the people that built these great effigies, and what did their daily life look like? Why does no other area in Iowa have mounds like these? Or do they? 

Join historian Russ Gifford as he examines these beautiful reminders of an earlier era of Iowa history and takes a closer look at the Mound Culture Era! 

Location: Cargill Auditorium, D103, Entrance 14 or 15, Parking Lot 4 or 5 
Fee: No charge / Max: 40
Lifelong Learning membership not required 
Course #20/FY-CPDV-2218-07 

This Session emphasizes conviviality and conversation. Each month, a guest speaker gives a presentation on a topic with broad appeal. The format encourages audience participation and the free exchange of ideas. We provide refreshments so please be sure to register to ensure adequate supplies. 

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