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Then and Now 

From downtown Sioux City and over the viaduct, a traveler has entered a place that many natives consider to be “God’s country.” That special “country” is also known as the Morningside area of the city. Call it what you want; it’s a special place of growth, enthusiasm and pride, enhanced by some mysteriously beautiful ravines, rolling hills, spectacular views of the Missouri River and Nebraska, and beautiful, well-kept neighborhoods. 

The Sioux City Public Museum’s retired curator, Grace Linden, will present the fascinating history of this vibrant area. Photographs of by-gone and existing structures will remind us of the growth that Morningside has achieved in the past 150 years. These structures will be highlighted in this photographic excursion along transit car lines and city streets. This southeast area of Sioux City boasts of many historic sites, including cultural monuments, educational institutions, sport and recreational parks, shopping centers, National Historic Register sites, and beautiful residential areas. Begin writing down your memories and questions. 

Adequate time will be given for discussion, memories and questions about this subject. 


Location: Wells Fargo Room, L110, Entrance 14, Parking Lot 4 
Fee: No charge / Max: 40
Lifelong Learning membership not required 
Course #20/FY-CPDV-2218-03 

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