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Mary Treglia: Immigrant Advocate in Sioux City 

Mary Treglia, a descendant of an early Italian immigrant to Sioux City, became a strong, leading advocate for other immigrants coming to Sioux City in the early to mid-20th century. As a social worker and then director of the Community House, Treglia was in a position to help immigrants maneuver through educational opportunities and difficulties, the job markets, and the many confusing and often difficult cultural situations that arose. Treglia, however, had many other roles in her life that will be highlighted in this presentation. 

The Sioux City Public Museum’s retired curator, Grace Linden, will present the fascinating history of this vibrant and influential woman that helped to shape the “face” of Sioux City. In addition, a history of the Community House and immigration trends will be discussed. 

Adequate time will be given for discussion, memories and questions about the subject. 

Location: Cargill Auditorium, D103, Entrance 14 or 15, Parking Lot 4 or 5 
Fee: No charge / Max: 40
Lifelong Learning membership not required 
Course #20/FY-CPDV-2218-11

This Session emphasizes conviviality and conversation. Each month, a guest speaker gives a presentation on a topic with broad appeal. The format encourages audience participation and the free exchange of ideas. We provide refreshments so please be sure to register to ensure adequate supplies. 

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